Drapiluxi kangad

Drapilux Air

Smoky hotel rooms and stale air in the office is now history – all thanks to intelligent fabrics. The rule behind the secret of fresh air: the metal salts found in the fabrics have a catalysing effect. Once odour molecules and air polluters come into contact with Drapilux Air fabrics, they will be decomposed and turned into CO2 and water, which does not endanger neither the user nor his or her health. However, the catalytic effect of Drapilux Air and absorption must not to be confused with each other, since the latter functions with other air purifiers. In case of absorption, the air purifier absorbs the substances, but does not decompose them. Air purifying effect of Drapilux Air will remain there even after repeated washing. After the introduction of Drapilux Air in 2003, the product was awarded with several innovation prizes.

Drapilux Flammstop

Already in 1980, after the creation of the first fireproof fabric, Drapilux set new standards and became the leader in the field of commercial production. Thanks to the modification of polyester fibres, Drapilux Flammstop continues to be fireproof and in case of fire, there is a very small chance of the flue gas formation. Curtains, padding materials and bedspreads made of Drapilux Flammstop fabric correspond to all international requirements and are perfect to be used anywhere.

Drapilux Bioaktiv

In 2004, a product with added antimicrobial function was introduced. Drapilux Bioaktiv fabric products are fighting bacteria and germs – it has become a decisive advantage when used in health institutions (hospitals, retirement homes, etc.). Drapilux Bioaktiv was the brand’s reaction to the increased spreading of infections in hospitals. Tiny silver ions in the fabric do not leave any chance to pathogens. If a bacterium contacts the fabric, its cell physiology and metabolism will be disrupted and it will be destroyed. The effectiveness of Drapilux Bioaktiv has been scientifically proven: the number of microbes is reduced by more than 99%. Also, after 50 washes at 60 degrees, the antimicrobial activity remains virtually at an unchanged level.

Drapilux All-in-one

As a forward-looking company, Drapilux is constantly focused on innovation: After the successful introduction of air-purifying and antimicrobial fabrics, in 2010, Drapilux decided to place the world’s first all-in-one fabric, having the advantages of both Drapilux Air and Bioaktiv, on the market. Drapilux All-in-one fabric simultaneously ensures clean air and ideal room hygiene, therefore, it is perfect for use in health care facilities. The combination of the two effects is unique in the world and this can be only sold by Drapilux in Europe. Important! The effect of Drapilux All-in-one persists even after repeated washing.

Drapilux Akustik

Intelligent room design and specifically selected materials help to reduce the level of background noise indoors. Curtains, polyester materials, wall and ceiling coverings or separators from the Drapilux Akustik series are specifically designed for high-noise rooms. The effect of the sound-absorbing fabric has been proven by means of scientific measurements.


Fabrics from the Drapilux Akustik series ensure comfortable and quiet atmosphere indoors, without losing aesthetic décor or personal style.

About the excellent qualities of Drapilux fabrics:

All Drapilux fabrics have the highest fire rating, as evidenced by the corresponding certificate of Estonia.

Due to the high fire safety properties, many hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, ships, etc. have become long-term customers of Drapilux.

Since Drapilux fabrics are known for their classic pattern and tasteful choice of colours, they also perfectly fit into home design.

Drapilux fabrics are made from 100% polyester, making them easy to clean.

They can be machine washed at 40 degrees or dry cleaned.

Drapilux fabrics are environmentally friendly.

Drapilux fabrics can withstand direct sunlight.

Drapilux fabrics are a long-term investment, since thanks to their classical pattern, it is possible to use them for a very long time and order more, if necessary.

New fabrics are added to the collection each year.


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